Tradition meets innovation.
Shaping the future in
cooperative partnership.


For 55 years, PAJUNK® has stood for innovative medical technology
– made in Germany.

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Values & Philosophy

We perform pioneering work and always have.

With a reliable feel for the needs of medical professionals and the requirements of the market, we react flexibly to each and every development – be it new techniques and areas of application, the increasing cost pressure, or the trend towards outpatient medical care.
Pajunk addresses these issues, creates new standards, or finds ways to meet the changed requirements with the respective product innovations. Herein lies the basis of our innovative prowess.

Coming Together is a Beginning, Staying Together is Progress, Working Together is Success. - Henry Ford

Our strength is the unwavering will towards change.

Our goal is to successfully grow together with you in the future. That’s why we are happy to listen carefully and are open to new ideas and concepts. Together with our partners, doctors, and leading physicians, we develop innovative solutions that affect everything from the application technology to the product characteristics, all the way to the safety of the patients and physicians. Our cooperation partners value our entrepreneurial spirit, the medium-sized company structures, and the pragmaticism with which their product ideas are pursued and implemented. This combination of practical relevance, developmental competence, and implementation strength is what has made Pajunk a technological pioneer in the industry.

Modern Slavery Statement

At Pajunk, we are committed to ensuring that there is no modern slavery or human trafficking in any part of our business or supply chain, in compliance with the Modern Slavery Act. Our company policies reflect this commitment.